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LXR Revises Product Information Based on FSA CBD Safety Guidance

Food Standards Agency


The Foods Standards Agency (FSA) recently released safety guidelines for CBD consumers.

LXR welcomes these clear guidelines and has integrated this information into all of our product information pages.

Below are the new safety recommendations. These apply to CBD taken as a food supplement (all LXR CBD products are consumed as food supplements) and not vapes or cosmetics.

  • DO NOT exceed maximum dose of 70mg of CBD per day
    LXR 10% CBD oils contain 4mg per drop. To be within the new FSA safety guidelines you should not consume more than 17 drops per day, unless under medical direction.
  • DO NOT consume CBD if you are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • DO NOT consume CBD if you are taking ANY medication

  • The guidelines were produced based on data from the FSA’s Committee on Toxicology (COT). 

    The rest of FSA guidelines refer to Novel Food authorisation for companies selling CBD products. LXR is an active member of the Association for the Cannabinoid Industry (ACI). ACI is working with their members to ensure that they are all fully legally compliant so you can be rest assured LXR will remain on sale for years to come.