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LXR Finalising Novel Foods Authorisation Application

LXR are in the process of finalising a scientific dossier for the entire LXR product range. We will submit this dossier to the UK’s Foods Standards Agency (FSA) and the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA). 

Providing this detailed information is a prerequisite step to gaining Novel Food authorisation.

In January 2019, EFSA deemed that all cannabinoids are “Novel Foods”. A Novel Food is a food that does not have a history of mass consumption before the date of 15 May 1997.

This means a food product containing a concentrated extraction of CBD needs to have a Novel Food authorisation to be fully legally compliant in Europe. EFSA Novel Foods advice is guidance and member states were left to regulate as they deem fit.

In the UK, FSA has always agreed with EFSA that CBD is a Novel Food. However, until February 2020, UK regulators had a hands-off approach which resulted in the huge CBD market we now see.

This changed on 13th February 2020 when the FSA made it clear that no CBD food products will be allowed on the UK marketplace after 31st March 2021 unless they have a validated Novel Food application by this time. 

It is already the case that no new CBD food products are allowed on the UK market after the FSA's February announcement.

LXR has set out from its inception to be fully transparent and legally compliant. Therefore, we are delighted to have this clarity from the FSA on the way forward and the opportunity to generate and submit a scientific dossier proving the safety of our products.

With a validated Novel Foods submission LXR will officially be on the path to full legal compliance in the UK and Europe.