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LXR Manufacturing Facility Gains BRCGS Certification

LXR Direct Ltd are delighted to announce that our manufacturing facility has gained BRCGS certification.


BRCGS is an international Food Safety Management Systems standard. It is recognised globally to represent the highest levels of food safety.

“LXR are now confident that we have what it takes to provide our products to large retails chains after our successful BRCGS approval,” says Marc Burbidge, Innovation Director for LXR. “This certification shows that our products are not only amongst the best, out of the CBD products currently on the market, but are also made to the exacting standards consumers are used to buying from large retails chains.”

More information on what BRCSG covers.

LXR Wholesale Opportunities

Small retailers who would like to buy up to 100 bottles at a time (minimum order 10 bottles) can do so from our dedicated wholesale store. Retailers or distributors who would like to order more than 100 bottles should contact us for a quote.