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LXR Retailer Ready After Submitting Novel Foods Applications to FSA

LXR Direct Ltd are happy to announce that we have successfully submitted our novel food applications covering our full range of CBD products.

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These efforts were led by LXR’s Chief Scientific Officer, Dr Parveen Bhatarah and Innovation Director, Marc Burbidge, both of whom are also co-founders of LXR.

“LXR strongly believes in the safety of our customers and this must be backed up with evidence-based scientific data,” explains Dr Bhatarah. “Our novel foods application forms the perfect foundation for this.”

The FSA have set a deadline of 31st March 2021 for all CBD products that were on the UK market prior to 13th February 2020 to have a validated novel foods application submitted to the FSA.

“LXR’s vision from our inception has been to provide great tasting products that consumers can trust,” says Bill Griffin, Managing Director and co-founder of LXR, “By submitting novel food applications to the FSA we are well on that path. We’ve taken every step we can to ensure the highest level of quality for our product range.”

LXR launched in 2019 and has put all our efforts into ensuring we have a solid foundation in place on which to expand our operations. We have the manufacturing capability to meet the high demands of large retail chains and when our novel foods applications are validated we will be one of the few brands on the market that are fully compliant with the regulatory framework set by the FSA.

“It’s exciting to see that our unique CBD and terpene blended tinctures are on the way to being 100% legally compliant as CBD moves out of the grey market it has existed in for the last few years.” Says Marc Burbidge, who designed our special formulations which define LXR’s great tasting product range. “Combined with our BRCGS certified manufacturing facility we’re confident we’ve covered all bases when it comes to winning the trust of our valued customers and the retailers who serve them.”

LXR Wholesale Opportunities
Retails can be sure that when they buy wholesale from LXR there will be no risk of Trading Standards removing our products from the shelves.

Small retailers who would like to buy up to 100 bottles at a time (minimum order 10 bottles) can do so from our dedicated wholesale store. Retailers or distributors who would like to order more than 100 bottles should contact us for a quote.