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About Bill Griffin

bill griffin
Bill Griffin, Managing Director and Co-founder
Back in 2008 Bill had a medicinal need for cannabis. Unfortunately, there was no medical cannabis access where he lived so he taught himself to be self sufficient in his supply. He found it doubly cruel that people who are suffering from severe illnesses are criminalised for taking the only thing that brings them relief.

He started to write about his experience to help others who found themselves in a similar position. He wrote two books on the topic and started to promote them through writing articles for online cannabis news outlets.

What started as a hobby soon turned into a full time job and he was able to leave his career in corporate communications to work full time in the emerging cannabis industry. He’s supported multiple high-profile global cannabis organisations and patients (Billy Caldwell and Carly Barton) and worked as a journalist and research analyst covering cannabis and CBD markets in the UK and Europe. His work has been published online, in trade publications (pharmacy, food, retail and cannabis) and in mainstream UK newspapers.

Whilst researching deeper into this topic he saw a need for a CBD brand that consumers could trust. As a consumer himself he wanted the products to taste great, be fairly priced and provide exactly what is stated on the label. He spotted a window of opportunity for CBD companies in the UK, as the regulatory framework clarified. He started LXR, in late 2019, to spread as many legal cannabinoids throughout the UK as possible.

Originally from the North East of England Bill now lives in Belgium, with his wife and his three kids, where he enjoys gardening, biking, hiking, yoga, meditating and swimming. By Autumn 2021 he’ll be a registered mindfulness trainer. He’s an advocate for organic, sun-grown cannabis.