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About Parveen Bhatarah

Dr Parveen Bhatarah FRSC, Chief Scientific Officer and Co-founder
Parveen is a Regulatory and Compliance Lead for the Association for the Cannabinoid Industry (ACI). She has over 20 years’ experience within the international pharmaceutical industry and regulatory environment. 

She has 12 years’ experience in the Medicinal Cannabis industry, covering everything from cultivation to FDA approval of finished medicinal products. She has expertise in Product development for clinical trials/commercial launch/technology transfer/manufacture and Bulk Drug Substance for ANDA and MA Submission to MHRA, FDA, TGA, ANVISA, SAHPRA, IRISH HPRA and Nordic countries. 

Parveen has been responsible for setting up cGMP facilities followed by facility team training for MHRA and FDA approvals in Germany, UK and India. She has worked closely with international health authorities for various commercial Generic Pharmaceutical product launches and Herbal Pharmaceutical product submissions. 

Innovation to commercial launches can be seen by Parveen’s patents especially in the cannabis and herbal sector. She has been responsible for maintaining industry-university relationships specifically with University of Liverpool, Imperial College, Queen Mary, Durham and Birmingham University. 

Parveen received her PhD in organic chemistry from Imperial College London. She is a Fellow of Royal Society of Chemistry and RSC advisor. Currently also acting as an independent consultant and Scientific Advisor to UKAS, wellness sector and publisher’s working in cannabis and herbal pharmaceutical area.