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Wholesale Enquiries - Buy CBD Oil Wholesale from LXR Direct

We look forward to working with companies that hold the same values relating to CBD products as us. Our reputation is of paramount importance to us, so before we supply to any other company we want to make sure that they are trustworthy and meet a certain standard.

These standards aren't just "do they have a nice website or point of sale". We want to know more about the company that wish to sell our products, along with those who run it.

Why Buy CBD Oil Wholesale from LXR Direct?

The directors at LXR are full of knowledge regarding CBD, botany, and the cannabis industry.

Parveen has over 20 years experience within the international pharmaceutical industry and regulatory environment and over 12 years experience in the Cannabis industry, covering everything from cultivation to FDA approval of finished medicinal products.

Marc has previously worked in many sectors, mostly relating to the CBD and cannabis industry including botany, phyto-chemistry, ethnobiology, plant genetics, cannabis, psychedelics, plant based medicine and food regulation.

We hope to create a long-lasting, healthy relationships with every company we supply to. If they ever need any information or education about CBD or our wholesale CBD products, we'll be there to answer so their company and their customers know they can trust us as much as we can trust them.

As a B2C company and B2B wholesale CBD UK business, we want to make the process of purchasing our products easy so all types of customers are happy.

Wholesale CBD oil Products from LXR Direct

We offer wholesale on all of our CBD oil products. These include:

  • LXR Rise 10% - LXR Rise (previously called Day) is made with a blend of six terpenes and has a refreshing citrus-lime taste with a hint of eucalyptus.
  • LXR Night 10% - LXR Night is made with a blend of seven terpenes and has the distinct taste of the terpene myrcene with a hint of pine.
  • LXR Comfort 10% - LXR Comfort is made with a blend of seven terpenes and has a soothing floral, yet subtly sweet citrus, taste.
  • LXR Original 10% - LXR Original (previously called Regular) is a narrow spectrum 10% CBD infused coconut oil with no added terpenes for a neutral taste.

If you're looking for a larger order (more than 100 units) then you'll need to contact us so we can give you a quote. We offer wholesale CBD pricing. Please use the form below.

How to Buy CBD Oil Wholesale UK

If you're wondering how to buy CBD oil wholesale then say no more. With LXR Direct you can buy anywhere from 10-100 units at 40% discount on RRP using our wholesale shop page. If you'd like to order more than 100 you can use the contact form below. We should get back to you within 48 hours.